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Modern Lovers by Emma Straub The pearl That broke It's Shell By Nadia Hashimi The Girl You Left Behind By Jo Jo Moyes
Modern Lovers
The Pearl That Broke It's Shell
The Girl You Left Behind
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The Rent Collector By Camron Wright
The Rent Colletor
By Camron Wright

Book Review:

Although The Rent Collector is fiction, the inspiration for this book is the documentary film More...

Book Jacket:

The Rent Collector is the story of a young mother, Sang Ly, struggling to survive by picking through garbage More...

Book Club Talking Points:

The resounding message throughout this book is one of hope and at the same time disbelief More...

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Camron Wright-Author-The Rent Collector
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Word of mouth is one of the most important market factors determining the popularity of a book. With this in mind, Readers Choice is a place where you can tell fellow book lovers about that unputdownable, page-turning book you just finished or browse the mini book reviews and see what others are recommending. Here are just a few recent choices;

Paris Architect by A Spool of Blue Thread By Ann Tyler The Secret Wisdon of the Earh by Christopher Scottos Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson Boundary Waters By William Kent Kruger
Paris Architect A Spool of Blue Thread the Secret Wisdom of the Earth The Gargoyle Boundary Waters
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Born To Run Ny Bruce Springsteen
Born To Run
By Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen's Website
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Mansfield Park By Jane Austin Rebecca BY DAphine Maurier The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde The Scarlet Pimpernel BY Baroness Orczy A Room With A View BY M Forster Of Mice and Men BY John Steinbeck
Tortilla Flat By JOhn Steinbeck Tp Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Gone With The Wind BY Marget Mitchell The Count Of Monte Cristo By Alexander Dumas Little Women By Loyisa May Alcott The Scarlet Letter By Nathanial Hawthorne
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