9 General Book Club Questions That Will Make The Most Of Any Book!

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It happens. You choose THE perfect Book Club Book for your next meeting, and you can’t find the Book Club Questions!

You want to shout from the roof top to everyone READ THIS BOOK!  It’s that good

What can you do?

The first thing I always do is visit publisher and author’s websites and look for a reader’s guide. Usually, there are some interesting facts or pictures about the book.

This will give you little something extra to discuss. And, don’t forget the author bios; they’re always worth reading.

I then use the General Book Club Questions with the information I’ve gathered.  It gives everyone a more meaningful look into the book.  Here are the General Book Club Questions pdf 

General Book Club Questions

  1. Why was the book selected? Is there anything unique about this book such as writing style, structure, or subject matter? Did it enhance or distract from the story?

  2. How did the book make you feel while reading it? Did you like the book immediately or did it take you some time to become committed? Why?

  3. What was the central theme of the book? How did the time period or setting impact the plot? Does it translate to today’s standards?

  4. Who are the central characters? Are there any characters that you particularly liked or disliked? Why? Would you have changed anything about the characters? Could any of the characters be omitted from the book?

  5. Is there any specific passage or story line that you connected with on an emotional level? What feelings did it evoke? Was there one single event that was the turning point in the book?

  6. Did the book alter your perception in any way? Will it change your outlook on future topics or decisions?

  7. Why do you think the author choose to write about this subject?Have you read any books by this author before?

  8. After turning the last page what was your immediate reaction? Did it change over time?

  9. Would you recommend this book to other Book Clubs? Why?


So what else do you need for a successful Book Club meeting besides questions? It’s always appreciated when you have a little something to snack on while chatting. Wine and cheese are always my go to when pressed for time. Visit our blog post on Small Bites for Book Clubs for more ideas.

Happy reading!


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General Book Club Questions


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