The Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction - 2008
Launched in 2005 in partnership with Arts Council England, the Baileys Women's Prize for New Writers celebrates emerging female literary talent and potential. All first works of fiction, including novels, short story collections and novellas, written by women of any age or nationality and published as a book in the UK are eligible to enter. The emphasis of the award is on emerging talent and the evidence of future potential. The first five books are comprise the shortlist and winner. For more information go to ...The Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction Website
The Road Home Fault Lines The Outcast
When We Were Bad Lullabies for Children Blood Flowers
TRhe Room of Lost Things The Keep The Gathering
The Clothes on Their Back The Lottery The Master Bedroom
Sorry The Voluptuous Delights of Peanut Butter and Jam Monster Love
In The Dark Mistress The Batard of Istanbul
The Septembers of Sharaz The End of Mr Y