The Wives of Henry Oades
by Johanna Moran
PBR Review: Today, This is a very unique tale made more intriguing because it is based on a true court case. Book clubs in particular should enjoy this book, thereís lots of thought provoking legal and moral discussion points. Henry, thinking his wife is dead, marries another woman, only to discover his first wife is very much alive. To compound matters, it takes place in the 1800ís, a time when itís difficult for women to survive on their own. Itís told from the perspective of the wives in a marvelous writing style that allows the story to flow and emotional connections to the characters to grow.

I was particularly enamored of the relationship that developed between the wives as they shared a husband they both loved, and equally disappointed in the reaction of the community to this unusual and unexpected situation. Although I would have liked more detail on the Maori Indian tribe and the thoughts and feelings of Henry, the book pulled me in emotionally, a fantastic debut novel. I recommend this book to those who like historical fiction or anyone who enjoys a good story about the strength of the human spirit. I look forward to this authorís next novel.

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