RAIN GODS by James Lee Burke is a well-written novel which grabs readerís attention from the first chapter. Burke guides us through a journey filled with descriptive characters and a dramatic storyline. Set in rural Texas, the st More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2010/01/06, 08:44 AM Book Talk Buy From

After reading "The Nanny Diaries" and watching the movie I was excited to read the sequel. I loved some of the original characters (especially Grayer), disliked others and was very entertained by the original story. St More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2010/01/04, 06:29 PM Book Talk Buy From

Zoe Ferraris has given us two mysteries in this debut novel, one to be solved and one that simply evolves. The fundamental mystery as indicated in the book title is finding a 16 year old girl who is missing. With a writing style More
Reviewed by- linda -2010/01/03, 05:59 AM Book Talk Buy From

A delightful engaging book with a wonderful, memorable cast of characters. My favorite of course is Maisie. She is unique in personality and her approach to solving cases, a complex blend of intelligence, thoughtfulness, and war More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/12/22, 12:30 AM Book Talk Buy From

(3.5 stars) A simple plot made complex with a backdrop of the post Iranian revolution and the many threads running through it, the most dominant being injustice and fear. Itís immediately engaging as it opens with the arrest of More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/12/22, 12:29 AM Buy From

Never having read Stuart Woods, I was pleasantly surprised by this light and enjoyable mystery. Agent Holly Barker takes center stage as a CIA agent and former military officer trying find a serial rapist in a sleepy beach town i More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2009/12/21, 01:17 PM Book Talk Buy From

Find a quiet place to enjoy this wonderful book for it is an exquisite story you will want to take your time with and absorb. Sebastian Barry transports the reader to 1920's Ireland during a period of conflict and limited opport More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2009/12/14, 08:08 AM Book Talk Buy From

After reading the jacket cover of THE SEAMSTRESS, I was very excited to learn about Brazil and its history. This book of historical fiction covers a time in the country where bandits, landowners and politicians were in constant c More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2009/12/14, 06:02 PM Book Talk Buy From

This book is written from the perspective of an illiterate Harlem teenager, depicting the intense sorrow and distress she endured growing up. She was a victim of unnerving acts. Her family and community support structure was no More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/12/06, 06:17 PM Book Talk Buy From

I have not read C.J. Box before and was very pleasantly surprised. This book is well written with lots of action and is hard to put down at times. Box has mastered the art of creating tension and suspense. It starts immediatel More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/12/06, 06:15 PM Book Talk Buy From

I couldnít resist jumping on the bandwagon of this popular series by Diana Gabaldon. I resisted for two reasons, the length of the book at over 800 pages and the idea of time travel. Curiosity got the better of me and I dove in h More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2009/12/01, 04:49 PM Book Talk Buy From

This is a touching story of two women and a friendship that spans decades. I liked that the author did not make everything perfect between them; instead she allowed their closeness to follow a more realistic path with the tensio More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/11/25, 10:20 AM Book Talk Buy From

First let me point out that this book won the Pulitzer, the writing is exceptional. The characters are completely believable and life like. Having lived in Maine for a few years I can honestly say Strout captures the essence of More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/11/25, 10:18 AM Book Talk Buy From

Perfume is a very original but on some levels a disturbing novel. It has a Gothic feel to it, which I like. Itís a literary thriller, which is dark, and at times humorous, but itís also one of the strangest books I have read. Su More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/11/25, 10:15 AM Book Talk Buy From

This is a book with the ability to nurture the mind and the soul. The concept of the novel is ingenious and very original. Time travel is fascinating to read about and a clever method for filling in the background of characters More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/11/15, 11:24 AM Book Talk Buy From

(3.5 stars) This novel is full of quirky people and lively witty dialog. On one level itís a fun engaging read, as you loose yourself in the adventures of an 84 year old man lusting after a much younger 36 year old blond bombshel More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/11/13, 05:48 PM Book Talk Buy From

This is a sophisticated coming of age story. Itís written in a beautiful style thatís delicate and at the same time bold, very much like the protagonist of this story. The story line takes place in 17th Century Persia and delve More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/11/13, 05:44 PM Book Talk Buy From

First off, this is a fun book to read, especially if you like Sherlock Holmes. Itís filled with amusing, clever dialog and playful interaction between the characters. King anoints each with a distinct, endearing voice and a plea More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/11/08, 07:08 PM Book Talk Buy From

This novel is large in size and scope. Itís also a complex book with a colossal number of characters. Perhaps because I am American and unfamiliar with English history, I found it necessary, especially with the first half of th More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/11/08, 07:05 PM Book Talk Buy From

This is the perfect book if you are looking for a great coming of age story. I think Sparks skillfully captures the inner workings of teenagers; their quickness to display passion or to retreat equally as quickly when vulnerable More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/11/08, 07:02 PM Book Talk Buy From

THE THIRTEENTH TALE is one of those books that transports you into the pages of the book. This debut novel is a beautiful gothic mystery about a young woman who sets out on a quest to find the missing thirteenth tale. It begins i More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2009/10/28, 04:37 PM Book Talk Buy From

One of my barometers for a great book is when I am finished I canít stop thinking about the story or the characters. Karen Fossumís ďThe Waterís EdgeĒ meets that criterion and then some. Wonderfully written she drew me into the s More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2009/10/27, 12:44 PM Book Talk Buy From

Intense and simple are the first things that come to mind when I think about this book. The word simple because the writing style, although clear and beautiful, is sparse. It works well with the relaxing pace of the book and mat More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/10/27, 05:19 PM Book Talk Buy From

The topic of the Free Masons as a secretive organization was an intriguing and original concept. When Combined with the potential of being connected to our nationís capital my expectations for this book soared. I am an avid fan o More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2009/10/27, 02:41 PM Book Talk Buy From

(3.5 stars) This is my first experience with this author so the deciding factor in buying this book was the wonderful cover. It says family and friendships, a sense of belonging. As I started to read, this authorís exquisite wr More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/10/25, 08:00 AM Book Talk Buy From
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