Diana Gabaldon


Voyager by Diana Gabaldon is the third book in the wonderful Outlander series. Although I would recommend reading the books in order, according to the author they can stand-alone. Once again Jamie and Claire return in full fas More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2012/06/10, 04:16 PM Buy From Amazon.com

Diane Gablondon does it again with “Dragonfly in Amber”. This is the second book in the series and should be read in sequence in order to fully understand the characters and plot. After finishing the first book, I had to continue More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2012/05/06, 07:08 AM Buy From Amazon.com

I couldn’t resist jumping on the bandwagon of this popular series by Diana Gabaldon. I resisted for two reasons, the length of the book at over 800 pages and the idea of time travel. Curiosity got the better of me and I dove in h More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2009/12/01, 04:49 PM Buy From Amazon.com
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