Elin Hilderbrand


I’ve read several of Elin Hilderbrand’s books. I love her clean writing style and her incredible talent for creating atmosphere. In WINTER SOLSTICE, her descriptions of Nantucket, make you feel like you’ve lived there your entir More
Reviewed by- Linda -2017/12/17, 12:06 AM Buy From Amazon.com

SILVER GIRL by Elin Hilderbrand is a light and easy read based on the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme. The protagonist is Meredith, married to a man responsible for a major investment scam and economic devastation. He is arrested, jai More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2011/09/26, 05:57 AM Buy From Amazon.com

(3.5 stars) I love the thought of an island getaway and the one depicted in this book is interesting; no electricity, no TV ,no phones, no computers, no hot water and very poor cell phone reception. The Island is the perfect su More
Reviewed by- linda -2010/09/29, 05:38 PM Buy From Amazon.com

This book is a delightful engaging read with more depth of character and plot than its cover suggests. Elin Hilderbrand does an amazing job of depicting married life. She shows you the beauty of a warm intimate family and how it More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/08/05, 07:10 PM Buy From Amazon.com
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