Emily Giffin


There are a lot of interwoven themes in this book, which combined with the many layers and complexities of human relationships, give the story depth. I really enjoy books about family drama and Emily Giffin nails family dynamics More
Reviewed by- Linda -2017/05/22, 09:02 PM Buy From Amazon.com

Meeting ones' birth mother evokes many emotions – it’s awkward - it’s emotionally risky and it has the potential to cause harm to those involved. In “Where We Belong”, Griffin captures all the nuances of adoption from different More
Reviewed by- linda -2012/08/19, 04:48 PM Buy From Amazon.com

I have recommended and passed "Love the One You're With" on to countless friends. Emily Giffin accurately tells the story of Ellen, happy in her new marriage, yet violently upturned when her long lost love returns. As More
Reviewed by- Haley -2010/07/02, 06:45 PM Buy From Amazon.com

(3.5 stars) This is an easy entertaining read. True to form, Emily Giffin creates wonderful and complete characters. The story takes you into their lives, reveals their strengths and weaknesses, and makes you want to know more. More
Reviewed by- -2010/05/16, 06:21 PM Buy From Amazon.com
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