Jennifer Weiner


Then Came You, by Jennifer Weiner, is a simple yet intricate story that owes all of its warmth to the depth of its characters. The four women who this novel centers around are unforgettable. All at different intersections in li More
Reviewed by- Haley -2011/09/26, 06:20 AM Buy From

Fly Away Home is a beautifully written story of women who rise to the challenge of accepting and changing unpleasant truths about themselves. Itís about the difficulties both private and public of being a member of a Senatorís f More
Reviewed by- linda -2010/08/23, 06:52 PM Buy From

Grab this book and take it to the beach or on vacation, and then pass it to a friend. Youíll have fun rehashing your childhood or discussing the struggles of high school life as you dive into this book. Donít be surprised if you More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2009/08/19, 06:13 AM Buy From
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