Jodi Picoult


Jodi Picoult sends a powerful message with her latest book Small Great Things. As usual, she writes about a current topic and challenges you to re-examine your beliefs. With well-developed characters and an excellent plot she s More
Reviewed by- andrea -2016/12/12, 09:41 PM Buy From

As usual, Jodi Picoult likes to write books about current topics. And in the past several years, the treatment of animals has become a hot one. In this book, she tells the story of the majestic elephants. She demonstrates how t More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2016/11/01, 08:04 PM Buy From

What I really like about Jodi Picoult, is that she takes controversial tough topics, gives both side a fair shack, stirs up the emotions and stimulates thought. In her latest installment, she tackles the rights of gay parents a More
Reviewed by- linda -2011/04/03, 06:35 PM Buy From

Mercy was not my favorite Jodi Picoult read. However, I still enjoyed the book after it recovered from a slower and hard to get into beginning. Picoult makes an interesting comparison between a couple torn apart by death, and Al More
Reviewed by- Haley -2010/07/19, 06:18 PM Buy From

"My Sister's Keeper" was the first of Jodi Picoult's books that I read, but certainly not the last, for she drew me into her powerful and thought-provoking novels. Picoult has the ability to take even the most controve More
Reviewed by- Haley -2010/07/02, 06:49 PM Buy From
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