Jojo Moyes


Jojo Moyes has a knack for taking ordinary events and infusing them with tension, so you just want to keep reading. As usual, in this story, her characters are very normal and real, you like them and want to find out what happens More
Reviewed by- Linda -2018/02/19, 09:39 PM Buy From

Jojo Moyes is one of my favorite authors and one that I turn to quite often. I was looking for a light read to listen to on audio, and The Horse Dance made an excellent choice. It was easy to follow, and the narration was aweso More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2017/05/23, 10:21 PM Buy From

The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes is a moving and thought-provoking story. It has two female protagonists who tell their story. Sophie lives in a small French village occupied by the Germans in 1916. Her husband has go More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2016/11/14, 08:30 PM Buy From
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