Kristen Hannah


Two strong women, sisters with very different personalities and different approaches to survival during war. Although there were some parts of the book that were not plausable; the story is one that is easy to read and emotionall More
Reviewed by- Linda -2017/06/05, 09:15 PM Buy From

Home Front by Kristen Hannah is a compelling read. The protagonist is Jolene, a female fighter pilot in the National Guard. Jolene is sent to war, leaving behind her husband and two young daughters. At the time of her deployment More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2012/05/06, 07:10 AM Buy From

Kristin Hannan does an amazing job with relationships and feelings in this book. Her descriptions are vivid - creating intimacy and attachment. Itís a book to be equally enjoyed by young adults as well as their parents because More
Reviewed by- linda -2011/05/14, 06:12 PM Buy From

All of Kristin Hannah's novels have left me with an unforgettable story overflowing with lovable and relatable characters. Although Summer Island was no exception, I was disappointed with its lack luster plot. Eagerly diving in More
Reviewed by- Haley -2010/08/03, 07:23 AM Buy From

Although I have yet to read a Kristin Hannah novel without relatable and lovable characters, Between Sisters turned out to be merely average. Hannah brought us through the intricate and complicated sisterhood of Meg and Claire, More
Reviewed by- Haley -2010/08/03, 07:03 AM Buy From

Every time I speed through one of Kristin Hannahís page turning novels, I am mad that I didnít take my time, allowing myself more precious moments with her intricate characters. On Mystic Lake was no exception. Hannahís charact More
Reviewed by- Haley -2010/06/29, 07:47 AM Buy From

This is a story that pulls you in on two levels. Itís a story within a story that beautifully blends reality and fairytale. One thread focuses on family dynamics, with an interesting look at the emotional process of accepting yo More
Reviewed by- linda -2010/04/05, 06:38 PM Buy From

This is a touching story of two women and a friendship that spans decades. I liked that the author did not make everything perfect between them; instead she allowed their closeness to follow a more realistic path with the tensio More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/11/25, 10:20 AM Buy From

This book evolves into an intensely emotional story with wonderfully flawed characters, which I happen to love; it adds a bit of reality to things. Hannah also has great descriptions of life on a ranch and she nicely portrays the More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/08/23, 08:29 AM Buy From
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