Lisa Gardner


ALONE by Lisa Gardner is a fabulous thriller. I listened to this book via audio book and it kept me consistently entertained throughout its entirety. The book begins by thrusting the reader into an intense hostage situation, it's More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2012/03/12, 06:12 PM Buy From

(3.5 stars) A solid mystery that revolves around a tough topic, that of troubled children, who are often violent. Gardner is graphic and honest in her descriptions and the book is well researched, itís challenging to read and h More
Reviewed by- linda -2010/11/02, 06:55 PM Buy From

Mystery and Thriller fans donít miss this one; itís fantastic. The story starts out intense and gradually builds to riveting. A lot of mysteries skimp on the character development, but not this book. The characters are interes More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/07/29, 04:36 PM Buy From
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