Lisa Genova


Love Anthony by Lisa Genova is a beautifully written story about two women living in Nantucket, both facing a life crisis. Olivia is devastated by the sudden death of her 8-year-old autistic child and the collapse of her marriage More
Reviewed by- Andrea -2013/01/31, 05:18 PM Buy From

The concept of this book is something the average person does not think about. Its hard to fathom a world where the brain simply erases the left side of everything. As a result of a brain injury, this is the tragedy that befal More
Reviewed by- linda -2011/02/13, 05:35 PM Buy From

This is an extremely compelling novel, written in a sensitive and compassionate style that allows you to feel what it is like to be diagnosed and live with Alzheimers disease. Prior to reading this when Alzheimers was mentioned More
Reviewed by- linda -2009/09/02, 07:21 PM Buy From
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