Sally Gunning


This is an excellent book for anyone who loves a good story about father-daughter relationships. Sally Cabot Gunning gives many heartwarming details about the intense and complex bond between Martha and her father, Thomas Jeffers More
Reviewed by- Linda -2017/10/15, 06:16 PM Buy From

This is well-researched and informative historical fiction. It takes place in Cape Cod in the year 1761 and follows the travails of Lyddie Berry, who is recently widowed. As is typical in this time period, when her husband drowns More
Reviewed by- linda -2011/09/05, 07:36 PM Buy From

This is an engaging coming of age story set in the pre revolutionary war period, a time in our country’s history marked by turmoil and conflict. Sally Gunning weaves some great period detail as she sheds light on what life was l More
Reviewed by- linda -2010/06/27, 06:58 PM Buy From
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