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The Neighbor
Reviewed by- linda (2009/07/29, 04:36 PM)
Mystery and Thriller fans donít miss this one; itís fantastic. The story starts out intense and gradually builds to riveting. A lot of mysteries skimp on the character development, but not this book. The characters are interesting, complex and through them Lisa Gardner touches on some sensitive social issues, which adds a layer of depth to the story and makes you take note of your own point of view on these topics. The plot is well constructed with plenty of detail on investigative reporting and police procedural and there are enough surprises, twists, turns and suspense to keep you turning pages and guessing until the very end. The book also maintains a level of tension, which starts early and just does not stop; you canít put it down. In short it is everything I love about a good Mystery or Thriller. I look forward to her next bookBack.

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