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The Bonemans Daughters
Reviewed by- linda (2009/08/03, 05:38 PM)
The unique plot in this book makes for an adrenaline pumping thriller. It has fantastic momentum with unexpected twists and turns revving things up all the way through. In true Ted Dekker fashion, the characters are unforgettable, especially the bone man whose depth of derangement is unfathomable. Many forces are at work in this story; good, evil and fear, lots of fear. To mix things up and balance the wicked evil depicted there is a thread running though the plot on fatherhood and the emotional issues surrounding abandonment. The plot is also the perfect environment to put a few psychological disorders under the microscope adding another layer of intrigue and depth to the storyline. Warning, there are some grisly, vivid descriptions of violence. The book is not perfect, a little contrived at times with a few unbelievable premises, but overall its a suspenseful tension packed read.Back.

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