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The Eight
Reviewed by- linda (2009/10/25, 06:18 PM)
This is an intricate mystery with many layers. Itís actually two stories taking place simultaneously, both are complex. One story is present day (1972) and for the second, the author transports you to the year 1790. The book is well researched and very entertaining. At itís center is the game of chess, and for the chess enthusiast, plays like a game. For the non chess person, you may miss a few of the nuances, but there is plenty of action, intrigue and mystery to hold your interest to the very end. One thing I particularly like is the balance between the two story lines, both are strong, each contributing to the other and the author moves between the two time periods seamlessly. Another is the strong female characters, both Catherine and Mireille de Remy are real and forces to be reckoned with. Katherine Neville also weaves some great facts on the politics of the era and the French revolution into her story. In short, a great fast paced, suspenseful book with a unique plot and lot of twists and surprises.Back.

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