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The Lost Symbol
Reviewed by- Andrea (2009/10/27, 02:41 PM)
The topic of the Free Masons as a secretive organization was an intriguing and original concept. When Combined with the potential of being connected to our nationís capital my expectations for this book soared. I am an avid fan of Dan Brown; I loved THE DA VINCI CODE and ANGELS AND DEMONS so I was ready for another great best seller. The first few chapters grabbed my interest; I enjoyed delving into the world of the Masons. The pages were full of references on symbols, codes, history and Washington, DC. Brown also did a fantastic job bringing the obscure and interesting subject of Noetic Science to his readers. However, the story didnít seem to gain any momentum, and the characters seemed to lack depth. It was an informative read with great insight into Masons, it just seemed to lack the edge and page-turning quality I have come to expect from this author. Although disappointed with this book, he is such a talented writer I most certainly look forward to his next book.Back.

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