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Blue Heaven
Reviewed by- linda (2009/12/06, 06:15 PM)
I have not read C.J. Box before and was very pleasantly surprised. This book is well written with lots of action and is hard to put down at times. Box has mastered the art of creating tension and suspense. It starts immediately and is fairly consistent through out the book. The basic plot of the story is credible and so are the characters. I noticed that even some of the bad guys have consciences and a softer side to them, which for me translates to believable. The relationships between some of the characters are also beautifully developed allowing the reader to become attached and care what happens to them as human beings; this also adds more tension. I especially liked that it took place in rural Idaho as it let the author create a sense of community that would not be attainable in a more metropolitan setting. This sense of community naturally lends itself to further attachment to the characters and makes the dialog between them very authentic. Box also did a great job with his descriptions of rural life and the countryside. One of the things I did not enjoy about this book was that although very entertaining, the plot and its course were very cookie cutter and at times not plausible, relying on coincidence too much. It also dragged a bit in spots. However, both of these flaws are minor. In short it is easy to understand why this book won the 2009 Edgar award for Best Novel; its a fast paced, well plotted satisfying read. I look forward to more from this new to me author.Back.

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