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Reviewed by- linda (2009/12/06, 06:17 PM)
This book is written from the perspective of an illiterate Harlem teenager, depicting the intense sorrow and distress she endured growing up. She was a victim of unnerving acts. Her family and community support structure was non existent and her school system failed her. Yet despite these immense obstacles she somehow possessed an innate sense that told her to learn and better herself. One of the things that made this story so believable was the language used and the voice of Precious. Sapphire used slang and crude sentence structure. Words were spelled as if written by someone without an education and she gave Precious Jones an amazingly credible and convincing voice. Personally, I canít fathom being raped by a parent or begin to grasp the pain and hopelessness of someone in this situation. Nor can I understand the strength needed to breakdown down what must have seemed like insurmountable barriers. But though the voice of Precious Jones I did feel her pain and frustration. This is not an easy book to read, it deals with tough issues and the presentation is very real and raw. However itís a book with a powerful message and one that will stay with you for a long time.Back.

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