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Sister of My Heart
Reviewed by- linda (2010/01/17, 11:35 AM)
This is an absorbing book that is written in a poetic, readable style. I love books about friendship, female bonding and other cultures; this story elegantly weaves together all these elements. It spans 15 years and has enough layers, plot twists and tension to be emotionally engaging. It’s told from the perspective of two cousins who are so close they consider themselves “Sisters of the Heart”. These young women are charming and easy to identify with. As the author moves you through their life trials, she also presents some very universal life lessons for you to ponder. She focuses on the reality of being female in India and the beautiful art of female bonding so necessary in a culture that is harsh and oppressive for women, constantly bringing to mind the importance and marvelous endurance and support of female friendships. Although the strength of this book revolves around relationships, it also elegantly and richly portrays the culture and lifestyles of Calcutta, India. In summary, although a bit predictable, Divakaruni gives us an amazing story. She's an award winning author and poet. I recommend this book to those who like a light but engaging read about other cultures or India in particular. A big thanks to the PBR reader who suggested this book.Back.

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