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The Hummingbirds Daughter
Reviewed by- Andrea (2010/01/20, 05:57 PM)
Set in Mexico in the late eighteen hundred’s during a time of civil unrest and political conflict. Urrea writes a beautiful historical novel that introduces the reader to his great-aunt Teresita. The story begins with Teresita as an orphan and progresses as she becomes one of Mexico’s most famous historical figures “The Saint of Cobora”. As word spreads throughout the countryside of St Teresita and her magical healing powers the church and government become concerned with the chaos, she is causing. The author shows the violence, poverty and social structure of life on a hacienda and although many instances are heart-wrenching the book has some surprisingly humorous and entertaining moments. The book begins a little slow as it seems weighed down with many references to superstitions and the spiritual ways of the Mexican people. However, this is a fascinating look at Teresa’s life, and I was drawn to the vivid imagery in the book. The story provides an interesting look at the Mexican culture, the spiritually and all the hardships people faced during this period in history. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.Back.

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