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Reviewed by- linda (2010/02/03, 06:50 PM)
Roses by Leila Meacham is a sweeping saga that spans about 70 years and three generations. Itís immensely enjoyable and a perfect winter read, one that invites curling up by a fire. Meacham keeps the plot moving with twists, conflicts and family feuding, however I fell in love with the three main characters. They burst at the seams with warm southern charm and hospitality. Meacham captures the essence of their passions. She transports you to Texas and their big Texas life style as powerful plantation owners. You feel what they do and although not a tearjerker, the book does bring tears to your eyes a few times. The plot is not without surprises, but is a bit predictable at times and personally I did not enjoy Rachelís story as much as Mary and Percyís. But these are minor little glitches, hardly worth mentioning. Itís also not what I would call a ďliteraryĒ read, but it is well written, easy to read and engaging. In summary itís a big, (624 pages) old fashioned, epic type novel with well defined characters that will draw you in with their big personalities. Itís a wonderful love story that provides hours of pure entertainment.Back.

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