Benny and Shrimp
Reviewed by- linda (2010/04/05, 05:56 PM)
(3.5 stars) An amusing love story about Benny and Shrimp, two thirty something adults, attempting to merge vastly different life styles. It’s told from the perspective of these two main characters with many of the situations being told first by one, then the other. Part of the charm of the book is watching them first recognize and then try to reconcile their diverse backgrounds and expectations in life. Letting each take a turn narrating is a great way to accomplish this. It’s funny and touching. He’s a country farmer who loves his comfy old furniture and she’s a librarian who loves her books and the opera. As you may guess, the story is all about what happens when they unexpectedly fall in love. The author puts a fresh spin on this universal theme and writes in a clean inviting style; it’s a joy to read and a tale everyone can relate to. I loved both Benny and Shrimp. Each had passion and purpose in life. This book starts out a little slow and goes a little too much into the “previous lives” of the characters. Also, towards the end there is a bit too much bickering between the two; it feels tiresome at this point. Overall though, a nice light read. I recommend this to anyone who likes an offbeat story told in a charming, clever manner. Great vacation read.Back.

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