First Rule
Reviewed by- linda (2010/04/05, 06:11 PM)
I cant make any comparison to his earlier works as this is my first experience with Crais. I can say this is an entertaining read with great nonstop action. The main character Pike, is tough and up to the task of serious retribution to anyone who poses a threat. Hes the hero who leaps into action, then asks questions or ponders consequences. But, hes also fiercely loyal to his friends and does have a human side. I love the scenes when he drops the tough guy facade and shows what a great father he would make as he interacts with a baby hes trying to save. Personally, I prefer a little less action and slightly more emotional attachment in a book; none of the characters stayed with me for very long when I finished. In summary, a very satisfying read for those who like action. There are lots of twists, some great dialog, and although short on depth, the plot is fast paced and certainly holds your interest, a very satisfying read.Back.

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