My Enemys Cradle
Reviewed by- linda (2010/04/05, 06:33 PM)
A very interesting book which sheds light on a little know aspect of the Holocaust and proves again there is no end to the brutal choices people were forced to make during WWII . It amazes me that Hitler’s efforts to perpetuate a “Master Race” were allowed to take root and his madness tolerated. In My Enemy’s Cradle, Sara Young presents a very engaging and emotional story about the Lebensborn program for unwed mothers carrying the babies of German Soldiers. She reveals the nature of these homes and the people involved by presenting small details of daily life in this program. Her characters, especially those central to the plot, are nicely developed creating the need to keep reading and discover what happens to them. There are some elements that appear unrealistic and somewhat contrived even considering the war torn setting and some sections of the book dragged a bit but collectively these points are rather minor. In summary, a touching story with a plot that is nicely paced. The story line is predictable, but holds your interest with its surprises and turns; a great book for anyone interested in the Holocaust. It’s a fast, light read with a nice blend of suspense, romance and historical fiction. If you are looking for slightly more depth try “Those Who Save us” or “The Book Thief”.Back.

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