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Winter Garden
Reviewed by- linda (2010/04/05, 06:38 PM)
This is a story that pulls you in on two levels. Itís a story within a story that beautifully blends reality and fairytale. One thread focuses on family dynamics, with an interesting look at the emotional process of accepting your life choices and the life choices of others. The author takes a look at the frustration of dealing with Empty nestís syndrome and the emotional hurdles of forging a new identity after your kids are off to college. She explores the mending of broken mother daughter bonds and the strength and endurance of family love. Being part of a family sometimes means sacrifice and learning to accept what canít be understood. The second thread is a fascinating look at life in Leningrad during World War II. This part for me was the most compelling. Rich with Russian history, itís a haunting look at the horrors of what people lived through during Stalinís reign and a testament to the courage and perseverance necessary to survive. Kristin Hannah really captures the pain felt by these women and the daily fear they lived with. In summary a little slow to start and an unbelievable ending, but overall a very satisfying light read. I recommend to those who enjoy a good story about female bonding and family drama, a perfect Sunday afternoon read.Back.

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