Nine Dragons
Reviewed by- linda (2010/04/11, 04:19 PM)
A first rate mystery with sound detective work and a tough protagonist. The book starts off strong and violent but when the bad guys pull Bosch’s daughter into the formula, our hero becomes ruthless. Quite a bit of the action takes place in Hong Kong. Here, the pace and the excitement intensify and the plot takes many turns. Although Bosch is out of his element, not knowing the language or the lay of the land, with a little help he still manages to remain true to form and take control. Connelly layers in excellent descriptions of Hong Kong, painting it as exotic and magnetic with danger lurking everywhere. He also provides insight into the human side of Harry Bosch; he’s not all hard core LAPD detective, he also a dad. His awkward interactions with his daughter were quite realistic making Harry more complex and real. In summary, the book is fast moving and entertaining, but not quite edgy enough, with some spots that drag a bit. A good read for the airport or beach and great for the reader who likes a lot of action.Back.

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