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Secret Daughter
Reviewed by- linda (2010/05/02, 06:21 PM)
A heartwarming story that is thought provoking and engrossing. A perfect blend of the culture of India, and the trials of adoptions and inter cultural marriage. The beautiful writing style is inviting and beautifully weaves together the multiple layers of this story. Two main threads are at the heart of this book, both are engaging and beautifully executed. One deals with the agony of the natural mother as she mourns her loss and provides insight into the history of India and a culture that does not value female infants. It spotlights the social issue of poverty stricken families surviving atrocious living conditions in the slums of India. The other thread emphasizes the joys and struggles of the adoptive parents trying to balance the vastly different opposing cultures of India and America. It juxtaposes being female in both cultures and examines the depth of a person’s cultural soul and the challenge of melding everything together to find happiness and contentment. A great light read.Back.

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