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The Bride Collector
Reviewed by- linda (2010/05/02, 06:38 PM)
Ted Dekker jump starts the action in this book; it opens with the grizzly scene of the Bride Collectors latest victim. Like the Bonemanís Daughter, the killer uses a very unique method to kill his victims, demonstrating yet again this authorís incredible imagination. In the initial chapters there is some excellent police procedural work, but the identity of the killer is revealed fairly early on and the focus then moves to the psychological level; what drives him to keep killing and can our hero, FBI agent Brad Raines stop him. The story is fast paced and thought provoking. A portion of the book takes place at the Center for Wellbeing and Intelligence, a psychiatric hospital whose residences although suffering from mental illness, happen to also be geniuses, and help track the killer. Some very interesting details on the mentally ill surface as their internal struggles are scrutinized. These residents are quirky, but well defined and excellent detectives. I also really enjoyed the thread of love and beauty interspersed throughout the book. In summary this is a good solid thriller with all the right ingredients.The only little glitch for me was I did not enjoy the main character, Paradise. She was believable, but too weak and needy.Back.

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