Think Twice
Reviewed by- linda (2010/05/02, 06:52 PM)
This book has an amazing beginning, jumping right into the action and grabbing your attention. Except for perhaps the evil twin Alice, who is too evil to be believable, Scottoline does an outstanding job of character development. I liked and cared about Bennie and Mary, and found Marys’ eccentric cousin with psychic powers and a big personality entertaining to read about. The basic premise of the plot is real cliffhanger material; Beannie’s twin sister drugs her, buries her alive and assumes her life. After a strong start, the book stalls somewhat and leans towards being too contrived and implausible with not enough mystery and too many drama scenes. I like books with strong female characters and storylines that highlight what’s important in life, this book does both. The characters are also fun and there’s lots of action and plot twists. In short, a good book for fans of Lisa Scottolines, but perhaps not the best choice if you have not read her books beforeBack.

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