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Family History
Reviewed by- linda (2010/05/02, 06:52 PM)
Itís a story that could happen to anyone; one day your perfect life starts to unravel. The beautiful writing style draws you in and the turbulence of a family in trouble makes for an emotionally charged compelling read. Although a sad story, the characters playing it out are well drawn and believable, and the plot is intense and more complex than the cover and title suggest. Itís layered with very real family issues highlighting what can happen when a child unexpectedly develops emotional problems. It shows a strong solid marriage fraying at the seams under the pressure of coping emotionally and searching for a solution. It also deals with other family dynamics, illustrating dysfunctional mother daughter relationships, unconditional love for a child and the sacrifices inherent in marriage. Once pulled in, the plot moves quickly and keeps you turning pages. One caveat however, the book takes a while to get started, I found the beginning of the book frustrating. Overall a nice light read, good for anyone who likes a good story and characters you can relate to.Back.

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