Fault Line
Reviewed by- linda (2010/05/02, 07:08 PM)
(4 minus) Reading about the hi tech encryption software at the center of this plot will leave you feeling vulnerable, cause you to wonder about Homeland Security and question the motives of certain covert government operations. The issues Barry Eisner touches on are thought provoking and well researched but more importantly, presented in a very realistic believable manner; this could happen or exist in real life. There are three main characters, one being a hired assassin for the Government, so you can expect some tense moments, violence and lots of blood being spilled. Some of the back story makes the plot drag a little, but otherwise itís fast paced and action packed. Eisner nicely balances these high energy scenes with characters that compliment each other and interact in meaningful ways. The formula of one female and two males complicates but adds spice to things. I recommend this book to those who like a lot of action and donít mind a fairly predictable plot and somewhat stereotyped characters.Back.

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