Reviewed by- linda (2010/05/09, 04:40 PM)
This is an action packed novel pulsating with energy. A fast paced thriller and mystery with a tightly written complex plot, but very readable. Two facets in particular make the book interesting. Jack Reacher and his superior analytical skills. He’s likable, sharp and uses his intelligence to apply logic and reason to problems and obstacles. Of course when logic fails he rolls into action. Also, the core of the book revolves around a terrorist plot which pulls in the NYPD, members of the upper echelon of Washington DC and the FBI. Most of the action takes place in NYC, where I live and work. Lee Child has done some great research. His descriptions of the subway system, areas he visits and his general observations are amazingly detailed and correct. Not a book for the squeamish though, as there are some very vivid and graphic descriptions of violence. In Summary the book is a little too descriptive at times, especially Child’s descriptions of guns, but this doesn’t detract from the overall read. It’s an entertaining books with a puzzle to be solved, many layers of intrigue and lots of surprising twists. The books starts strong and stays strong with an intense, powerful endingBack.

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