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Heart of the Matter
Reviewed by- (2010/05/16, 06:21 PM)
(3.5 stars) This is an easy entertaining read. True to form, Emily Giffin creates wonderful and complete characters. The story takes you into their lives, reveals their strengths and weaknesses, and makes you want to know more. The book is aptly named, it deals with matters of the heart and captures the essence of what matters to the heart. Itís about real life and being human and overflows with passion. Itís told from the viewpoint of Tessa, a stay at home Mom and Valerie a single mother, as they fight their personal demons and deal with a shared crisis. Emily fairly and honestly presents the opposing sides and in turn opens your heart to each woman, allowing you to completely relate to the doubts, fears and insecurities invading their thoughts and stealing their peace. One caveat, the book is slow to start. The first half does not have enough emotional pull or substance. Overall though, a great book for Emilyís fans and those who enjoy a good story about the inner workings of relationships, marriage and especially motherhood.Back.

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