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The Rebellion of Jane Clarke
Reviewed by- linda (2010/06/27, 06:58 PM)
This is an engaging coming of age story set in the pre revolutionary war period, a time in our country’s history marked by turmoil and conflict. Sally Gunning weaves some great period detail as she sheds light on what life was like for young women of marrying age during this time and provides great insight into the political unrest of the colonists. Jane, much like her budding country, is conflicted as she struggles to define herself. The heart of the book is the endearing voice of Jane as she weights the pro and cons of her decisions. As she grows her personality blossoms and although she is a soft presence, she is strong and nicely carries the book. The other strength of the book is the elegant writing style of this author, which perfectly complements the cast of characters and the setting. The overall pace of the book is slow but does hold your interest except mid way through where the plot stalls a bit. Stick with it though, it does pick up again. I recommend this book to those who like historical fiction or interesting stories with lasting memorable characters and beautiful prosaic writing.Back.

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