On Mystic Lake
Reviewed by- Haley (2010/06/29, 07:47 AM)
Every time I speed through one of Kristin Hannah’s page turning novels, I am mad that I didn’t take my time, allowing myself more precious moments with her intricate characters. On Mystic Lake was no exception. Hannah’s characters turn into your best friends as you watch them grow. When you finish, it feels like you’re drifting apart from a long time friend. On Mystic Lake is a beautiful story of self-discovery and maturing. Hannah pinpoints the reality of Annie’s crumbling marriage and despair. However, it’s the journey of her picking up her broken life that captures you, crossing your fingers for her final realization towards happiness. Everyone will fall in love with Izzy, reminiscent of their own youthful innocence. With many bumps and turns throughout the novel, it will keep readers captivated. Annie’s realizations will lead you to discover a little about yourself as well. As always, a definite must-read.Back.

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