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The Kite Runner
Reviewed by- Haley (2010/07/02, 06:56 PM)
The Kite Runner is an empowering story of the ever changing city of Kabul. The main character, Amir, takes us through his life journey as he battles with his past, his culture, and the powerful emotion of redemption. The story takes chronologies the war torn city of Kabul and the changes it has undergone in the past few decades. I enjoyed reading this book for it educated me about a prominent world problem present today while also keeping me captivated and yearning to read more. Graphic and honest, this book will surely go down as a classic. Amir's guilt and growth that follow him throughout his life, from Kabul to California, prove to be an engaging story of triumph, love, heartache, and the life long concept of friendship.Back.

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