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Girl In Translation
Reviewed by- linda (2010/07/11, 07:14 PM)
This is a touching book that explores the hardships and sacrifices a person faces in adapting to a new culture. The primary focus of the book is the determination and inner strength necessary for immigrants to survive and integrate into a foreign culture. The story is told through the experiences of a young Chinese girl who immigrates to the US with her mother. Kwok makes her fears and frustrations palpable and adeptly demonstrates the pressure and tension Kimberly feels as she struggles to understand the language, cultural differences and the poverty stricken conditions of their life. The author also demonstrates that the strong bond between mother and daughter is the glue that holds them together during their near constant battle to overcome obstacles. Itís interesting to note that this authorís personal experiences come into play as she emigrated from Hong Kong to the United States. The extraordinary perspective and nuances present in this book reflect this. In short, a moving coming of age story with complex characters and many intriguing layers. A great book for anyone who enjoys character driven novels and appreciates a beautiful clear writing style. Very nice debut.Back.

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