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61 Hours
Reviewed by- linda (2010/08/23, 06:49 PM)
The latest in the Jack Reacher series takes place in South Dakota in the dead of winter. I’ve never been in South Dakota that time of year but I did spend a few years in Maine and Child’s descriptions of the cold are very impressive and realistic. This installment has everything a good action mystery should; a complex layered plot, great pacing, a story line that has twists, turns and suspense, a bad guy who lives to inflict serious pain on anyone bold enough to cross him and a larger than life Jack Reacher. Although I could never live without possessions, I thoroughly enjoy reading about Jack’s minimalist life style. As expected, Jack finds himself in tenuous circumstances that require his particular skill to set things straight. And as usual he’s very knowledgeable, always right and never hesitates to impart wisdom to those less perceptive than he is. There is plenty of action and intrigue. This is only my second Reacher book, and as with the first I was hooked immediately and did not feel disconnected. In short, lots of action ,intrigue and a few surprises. I recommend to Lee Child fans and anyone who enjoys mysteries with lots of action.Back.

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