Ice Cold
Reviewed by- linda (2010/08/23, 07:05 PM)
Ice Cold is a mystery laced with suspense and layered with twists. It stimulates the mind with several puzzles to solve and is a quick captivating read and a first rate mystery-thriller. Maura is the focus of this story, with Jane playing a supporting role this time. Jane makes several cameo appearances until the end of the book when her detective skills are finally put to use, still Tess Gerritsen does not showcase her personality as much in this book. Maura, however decides to step out of the box and quickly finds her circumstances taking a turn for the worse, at the same time, her personality soars. She becomes very human, a beautiful combination of fragility and strength. There is also a very interesting thread about a cult in the storyline. A great book for any one who likes a good mystery-thriller and a must read for anyone following this series and fans of Tess Gerritsen.Back.

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