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My Name Is Mary Sutter
Reviewed by- Linda (2010/08/23, 07:44 PM)
If you’re a fan of historical fiction you are going to love this book. The characters and the situations the author presents truly give you a slice of life during the Civil War era. The novel centers on Mary Sutter and her quest to become a surgeon in a time when female doctors are unheard of. Mary is willful, ambitious and unrelenting as she pursues this goal; she’s a character whose strength and determination make her unforgettable and inspiring. Ms. Oliveria also provides well-researched details of the medical profession and hospital conditions of the time and although her approach is sensitive, she fully commits to frightening and graphic descriptions of the medical procedures and the problems caused by inadequately trained doctors and un-sterile conditions. She also shows the lack of knowledge, equipment and training afforded the soldiers going to battle and the ineptness of the generals in command. In short a profound story that is both moving and inspiring that will have appeal to readers who enjoy characters driven novels.Back.

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