Last Night At Chateau Marmont
Reviewed by- linda (2010/09/29, 05:40 PM)
Wonderful dialog and nicely developed characters pull you into this light fun read and create subtle suspense to keep you turning the pages. Lauren Weisberger does an excellent job of showing the ups and downs that play out in a marriage when one partners catapults to stardom. She breathes life into her characters first by revealing their feelings and letting readers into their thoughts, then by creating realistic circumstances and surrounding her protagonist with quirky, but believable friends and family to interact with. Although the book is about a couple, the center of it all is Brooke and how she comes to terms with the new dynamics of her life and marriage after her husband becomes a rock star. Initially she clings to old and comfortable and lives somewhat in denial. But not for long. As the momentum builds her life in the fast lane starts feeling authentic, complete with paparazzi, jet set parties, outrageous designer clothes, uncompromising pictures appearing in tabloids and of course temptation at every turn. If you like reading gossip magazines and always wanted the inside take on the celebrity life, you’ll love this book. It’s also a good read for those that enjoy a light emotionally engaging read.Back.

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