The Yellow House
Reviewed by- linda (2010/09/30, 08:45 PM)
The setting for this debut novel is Northern Ireland in the early 1900ís. The story spans 20 years and covers WWI and Irelandís struggle for independence from British rule. This backdrop of war and internal strife shows how families are torn apart by religious and political differences. The main character Eileen is a strong and passionate young woman who fervently follows her dreams. Life is not always kind to her but she continues to move through it and grow stronger. She has two love interests and is torn between them. They are complete opposites. One is a political activist; a rebel fighting for Home Rule, the other is wealthy and privileged, a Quaker and a pacifist. This cunning approach pulls the reader in emotionally and fairly presents both sides of the conflict. It also shows the perspective of both the wealthy and the poorer working class people. I have a new found appreciation for Irelandís political and religious turmoil during these years. The story is interesting from the start but not far into the book you donít want to put it down. The historical portion of the book is well researched and nicely balances fictional characters with real life events and figures. I recommend this book to those who enjoy historical fiction and anyone who likes a good saga.Back.

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