Live To Tell
Reviewed by- linda (2010/11/02, 06:55 PM)
(3.5 stars) A solid mystery that revolves around a tough topic, that of troubled children, who are often violent. Gardner is graphic and honest in her descriptions and the book is well researched, itís challenging to read and hard to put down. I liked that it sheds light on the emotional impact of living and caring for severely mentally disturbed children. In addition to Detective DD Warren, Gardner tells the story from the viewpoint of 2 women. Victoria the mother of a psychotic eight year old and Danielle a pediatric nurse who works in a psyche ward for severely disturbed children, and also a survivor of a mass murder. Creating real and believable characters is one of Gardnerís strengths and she stays true to form in this book. She weaves a very interesting tale on a sensitive topic and evokes sympathy with each revelation. In summary, not quite as good as The Neighbor, but a nicely paced book for Lisa Gardner fans and those who like psychological thrillersBack.

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