The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven
Reviewed by- linda (2010/11/02, 06:56 PM)
(3.5 stars) The afterlife is a fascinating topic and Alexís story of meeting God and interacting with angles is inspirational and amazing. The book also shows the more tangible miracle of church members, friends, family and strangers gathering together in support of a family in need. The story is true. Alex and his father Kevin were in a car accident that left 6 year old Alex in a coma and a paraplegic. While unconscious, Alex spent time in Heaven. His descriptions of this journey seem very real and believable. In fact I would have preferred the book to focus more on this instead of Kevin and the challenges of overcoming a tragedy of this magnitude. The book is told from Kevinís perspective and centered on the struggles he and his family endured. His emotions are raw , honest and palpable; his faith unwavering, showing the power of prayer in the healing process. The book also has many references to the bible. For these reasons, the book is better suited to the Christian reader rather than those curious about the afterlife. In summary itís a wonderful thought-provoking book but I believe the title is a bit misleading as Alex actually plays a rather minor role.Back.

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