Pope Joan
Reviewed by- linda (2010/11/02, 07:03 PM)
If nothing else this book will pique your interest because Truth or legend, the story is intriguing. It’s the tale of a young woman who craved knowledge but was denied this opportunity because only religious people were educated in the 9th century. Determined and strong willed, she assumes the identity of a man, sets out to learn and eventually becomes Pope. Much research went into this story; it is rich with details of the day-to-day life and customs of the Dark Ages, the vicious power struggles that took place in the churches and medicines of medieval times. The author does a really great job of not just describing the torturous methods of fighting but also conveying the horror of entire villages being annihilated. Rumor says the legend is true and the Catholic Church upon discovery removed all evidence of a female Pope. I found it quite plausible that there was indeed a female Pope. Notes from the author at the book’s end further support this theory. However, either way the tale is thought provoking and an adventure that has action, romance, mystery, murder and lethal secrets. The only problem I had was the story drags a little mid way, I found myself skimming.Back.

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