Wolves of Andover
Reviewed by- linda (2010/12/07, 07:04 PM)
This prequel to Kathleen Kent’s previous book “The Heretic’s Daughter”, takes place in colonial Massachusetts in the mid to late 1600s. There are two main threads. Martha, unmarried and considered a spinster at age 19 is sent to her cousins house to help her through her pregnancy. Martha is strong willed. She bristles at intimacy but is acutely aware of the disadvantages of remaining single and equally adamant about marrying for love. Here she meets Thomas Carrier, a worker on her cousin’s farm. This thread is the strongest. Kent provides rich detail of the harshness of daily life in 17th century Massachusetts as the inhabitants fight wolves, Indians, and small pox. The second thread deals with the back-story of Thomas. He’s a former soldier rumored to have ties to the death of King Charles I and is being hunted by loyalists. Kathleen Kent gives readers some of the fascinating history surrounding the execution of King Charles I King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell. My only criticism is I felt the sections depicting the story of Thomas Carrier could have been better integrated. Although I enjoyed this book, I liked "The Heretics Daughter" better.Back.

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