Georgia's Kitchen
Reviewed by- linda (2010/12/07, 07:05 PM)
This is a great escape book. Itís fun and easy to read and beautifully captures the toughness of New York City and the charm of the Italian country side. If youíve every been to Italy, youíll know that Jenny Nelsonís description of Tuscany, itís delicacies and heartwarming people are real and will have you scanning the travel section of your local paper for Italian excursions. After some unnerving circumstances, Georgia decides to break clean of New York and use her culinary skills to start fresh in Italy. I enjoy reading about strong inspirational females and Georgia is just this. She is delightful and flawed, but also intelligent and determined. Sheís a modern woman, vulnerable but not afraid to take a chance. I loved following her around NYC and Tuscany as she reached for her dreams and immersed me in her culinary world. In short, it starts a bit slow, but stick with it, itís a good story and great light read.Back.

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